Soul Guidance Session

There are moments in our lives when we all need guidance in one form or another. It is true that all the answers we seek are within. There are times when we look for guidance outside of ourselves. Sometimes it’s because we are not hearing the messages that are coming our way. Other times it is because we are waiting for a confirmation of what we feel, know, sense or hear.

I use a mixture of tarot, oracle cards and channelling. It depends on what’s coming through for the person at that moment in time.

We will be looking at what is happening around you, the mundane, and also at what you are working on at an energetic level.

We will be looking at the core wounding you are working on mastering during this life time and also the gifts you are bringing through. For this I will need your date of birth to see the position of the planets on your birth chart.

No two sessions are the same. We are continuously learning and shifting.

There is also healing happening as we connect with different frequencies and light beings to bring through the messages you need to hear right now. Often the energy is running as we start the session.

💫 When we connect in this way and open sacred space for you to get answers and guidance, the energy starts running and many frequencies are filtering through. 💫

These sessions are done over Zoom, as we connect at the time of the appointment, and are recorded. You will get a link for the recording to be able to watch it in your own time too.

Follow the link to check dates and times and book your space.

Energy exchange £55 for 60 mins

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