Magdalene Priestess Training

The Magdalene Priestess Training follows nature’s wheel of the year, through the 8 sabbats/festivals. The teachings are transmitted through recordings as the voice carries vibration and frequencies. If you are drawn to this training know that it is about remembering your gifts and talents from other lifetimes when you trained and lived as a priestess. This training is overseen by beloved ascended master Mary Magdalene, and you will also work with many other teachers in the Light.

It’s a journey of remembrance and dedication to your temple practices as you tune into the rituals and ceremonies we do during the training. It is a way of life and integrating the sacred into the mundane. It is about ascension and higher consciousness and living every day with awareness.

Once trained you will be initiated as a priestess. You will be able to run circles to share the ancient wisdom that comes to you, call yourself a Magdalene Priestess and work as a priestess to channel in healings, meditations and ceremonies. 

You may do this from anywhere in the world.

What you will received during this training
  • Welcoming you into the Golden Rose Temple – mp3 recording with course overview
  • 24 x guided audio recordings (visualisations, frequency meditations, shamanic journeying) There are 3 audio workshops each sabbat/festival (8 sabbats/festivals in the year).
  • Personal channelled feedback & guidance unique for you for each of your first 2 audio workshops of each sabbat/festival, with personal messages and further exercises for your own growth to explore in your own time.
  • Ongoing feedback from me and support in our private sisterhood group
  • Zoom calls fortnightly to connect and experience sacred space together and for further teachings
  • Initiation ceremony – in the ethers or in person during a workshop/retreat (after the presentation of an essay of your journey).
  • Once initiated as a Magdalene Priestess you will be able to hold circles, ceremonies, healing and readings as a Priestess and continue to receive our support in the group.
  • Invitation to continue with the High Priestess Training (1 year) if you would like to explore more and feel drawn to take a bigger step in being of service. As a High Priestess you will be able to train other women to become Magdalene Priestesses.


To apply please fill in the application form

If you have any questions a 20 mins call can be arranged via Zoom. Email me at


The course costs £111 per each of the 8 x sabbat which totals £888 for the year long training.

Each of the 8 Sabbat workshops are purchased individually. You must purchase and work through all 8 in order to be initiated.

Pay in full for the course and get complimentary access to my exclusive community (for the year you train with me) where you will find amazing like minded women, where we delve deep into walking the path of the divine feminine. I actively support them through monthly group healings, workshops, ask me anyhting sessions, monthly goddess circle and other events/classes and resources that I create specifically for them.

*Please note that you may stop at any time but no refunds are given for sabbats already purchased or sent(if payment in full option was used). I also reserve the right to stop working with you, should I feel or receive guidance that this is not the right path for you.


It is recommended to write daily in a journal throughout the year. There may be homework and ongoing meditations and journaling that you may wish to explore further. The course is designed so that you may fit this in part time around other demands such as family and work but a certain level of commitment and consistency is expected.

Each workshop will bring the ancient mysteries of the priestess connecting you in a very profound way to the earth’s natural rhythms. As you work through each turning of the wheel at the corresponding time you will naturally be attuned to the seasons of the year.  You will journey through the aspects of the wheel of the year and through the different archetypes of the goddess; you will heal yourself at the same time as learning the ways of the priestess. The course can be commenced at any point of the year, but a completion of the entire 8 parts must be accomplished.  ​

Private Facebook Group

Our online temple space is named Golden Rose Temple. Feedback will be done via a facebook group. As part of the course, after each workshop you must write up your workshop experiences in this private facebook group. I will comment for you giving you feedback and direction. This group will contain only those who do, or have done, this course.

End of the Year Essay

I encourage you to keep a journal and notes of all your experiences. Upon the completion of the course you must write a short essay of approximately 2,000 words on your journey. From reading your essay I will be shown if you are ready for your initiation as a Magdalene Priestess. If you need more time to work with the teachings then this will be given.

Priestess Initiation

The initiation will be done at a distance soul to soul with instructions given for the ceremony or face to face at one of the events during the year. 

Sabbat Dates 

the 8 pointed star of the sabbat wheel

* Please note that the dates of the Sabbats can vary by 1 or 2 days each year. 

* Please note that there is a difference between the southern hemisphere and the northern hemisphere. The order of the workshops will be different.

BY SIGNING UP TO THIS COURSE YOU AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING DISCLAIMER This will be a deep journey within of healing, exploring and wholeness. An aspect of this training is exploring your inner emotional wounding. Anything that needs to be healed and looked at will come up. There is always a purification process that happens with all journeys. During this training you will be held in the Light as Mary Magdalene and other teachers will step in for you. I will be here to support you through this, to the best of my ability, on the facebook group. However, if you need any further help, healing or therapy outside of the space that I hold for you, it is your responsibility to find that. By signing up to this course you agree to this and take full responsibility for your own wellbeing. Due to the nature of this course, it is a requirement to ensure that you inform me before starting if you have ever suffered from any diagnosed mental or emotional condition or addiction issues. 


This path is designed to be done at home in your own time and fit around work & family. However a certain level of commitment and consistency is needed. It’s also about listening and allowing the teachings contained in the recordings to create the necessary awareness and alchemical transformation, trusting in the process. However, a level of time commitment to your path is essential as this journey is about showing up for yourself and being consistent. In the lead up to the Sabbat dates you will have 3 audios to do. In order to make the most of your training I strongly suggest you attend these calls. There is great alchemy in the energy of a group.

This is a new way of working for many of you and your teachings will come from the recordings, the calls and the wisdom we share in the group but also from your own introspections and working with other teachers from the light. The reason the teachings are transmitted orally is because there is much energy, light codes and technology being channeled through them and all of this is templating you in this beautiful light energy.

You are expected and encouraged to:

Keep a journal

Do the 2 audio recordings each sabbat on time for your 3rd audio of the Ceremony 

Write each one up in the private facebook group after doing it.

Explore deeper symbols and work given to you in your own personal feedback and through ongoing guidance

Regular participation, interaction and sharing in the online group

Regular participation in the fortnightly Zoom calls.

You learn through direct knowledge and experience

At the end of the year you are expected to write an essay of your journey to be initiated 

Optional you can do your own research and practice meditations beyond the required sabbat workshops . Even if at times you do the bare minimum, you will still be held in the temple and undergo a powerful soul growth over the course of the year as the course requirements contain more than enough to integrate the teachings.