Group Healings

Sacred Madonna Group Healing

15th August 9pm – 10:15pm UK time

On this beautiful feast day of Mother Mary we are connecting to the lineage of the Sacred Madonna, the lineage of the Marys as initiates, high priestesses, empowered aspects of the Goddess, the Divine Feminine.

We will connect in the ethers to support a deep healing of our disconnection through times from the Goddess. We will create a beautiful alchemical process of clearing and purification allowing the transmutation of the old and the pain into the light.

I will run a high frequency and alchemical healing on the group supporting our healing process on many planes.

You will be called etherically in a sacred space where I will run the energy and you will receive a mp3 with what came through for the group.

You can participate consciously as much or as little as you wish. Know that you will receive the energies in the perfect way for you. If you would like to tune in at the time of the group healing make sure you are not disturbed and light a candle, put some lovely soft music and either meditate or be present in the moment.

If you are not able to make that time good news is you can still take part. Set the intention for the enegies to integrate when you listen to the recording.

This will take place remotely.

At the time of this event gift yourself some quiet time and create a sacred space by lighting up some candles, burning some incense or sage and listening to some soothing music. If you are not able to do that, set the intention to receive the energy when you are able to give yourself that quiet time and listen to the recording. You will receive a mp3 recording of what came through the healing and the guided meditation via email after the event within 24h.

Energy exchange £13

About Group Healings

Following my guidance these group healings are held on certain dates throughout the year. The dates are chosen to tap into specific energies to support us through our healing and ascension journey.

The group healings are being done as distance or remote healing.

What happens during a group healing?

At the date and time of the event I will be setting up sacred space and call everyone in etherically. After the initial call in step I will be running a full alchemical and frequency healing on the group. I always set the intention for you to receive the frequencies and energies at the perfect moment for you as all healing is divinely orchestrated.

I will record feedback regarding the healing and energies coming through and also a meditation for you to listen to in your own time. The recordings will be sent to you as mp3.

Do you need to do anything special during a distance/remote group healing session?

It would be great if you could enter a quiet and relaxed state at the time of the session. Turn your phone off, let others in the house know you need some quiet time and set the intention to be open to receive the energies. Lighting up a candle and putting on some nice soothing music can help. If you are not able to do that, you can go about your day as you will still receive the healing frequencies in divine timing. If you are not able to set time aside to relax when the group healinf is taking place, you can set the intention to receive the energies once you start listening to the recordings. I would recommend avoiding tasks that require clear focus like driving for example as you can get altered.

What does a session feel like?

We are all unique and we experience energy differently depending on how sensitive we are to different energies. Some people experience physical sensations like sudden changes in temperature or tingling through the body. Some are able to sense or “hear” changes in the pressure or frequency around them. Others experience a deeply relaxing time when they can just surrender and rest.

What happens after the group healing?

After the group healing has ended I will be sending you the mp3 recordings by email. Please be aware that healing creates a detox effect in the body at times so rest and drink plenty of water. Also the energies will be integrating for 1-2 weeks. If there are any symptoms that come up or things becoming particularly challenging please get in touch at