Embracing Your Inner Goddess

There is such beauty and wisdom in women coming together in sacred space, gifting each other support and unconditional love.

We have lost the custom of taking time away from daily life and immerse ourselves into the unconditional love of the sisterhood. This is not a substitute for inner stillness moments when introspection and contemplation serves us well. This is a space to practice giving and receiving of love, support and wisdom.

What I have come to see, after many many moons and circles, is the absolute beauty of women holding their sisters in the light through difficult times and the immense love, that I have witnessed times and times again, creates deep transformation and alchemy.

New Moon and Full Moon Online Goddess Circles

Calling women to sacred space.

Calling women to gather and remember their divinity and nourish their spirit.

I am calling you sisters to come together and create an unconditional, sacred, love and light filled space and radiate that energy into our lives and environment.

Now more than ever we are so acutely aware of how important it is to radiate love and light into our lives.

Let’s use the energy of the new moon or the full moon – every month – to move into manifesting more love, understanding, compassion and acceptance.

Feel into what moves through us as we connect deeper to the moon energies.

Feel where more healing is needed.

Feel where more love and acceptance are needed.

Energy transcends time and space so let’s create a network of light to support ourselves and others as we move through challenging times.

This is an online event – via Zoom – which means you can do this in the comfort of your own space. You will be sent a link to the online space 24h before and you can access this via computer or your phone.

At the end of the call everyone attending is called in etherically in sacred space where I run a Sacred Circle of Fire on the group. This is a powerful way to support the healing and purification that happens during the circle and the weeks after.

Energy exchange £11

New Moon Online Goddess Circle
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