Divine Feminine

What is the Divine Feminine or Sacred Feminine? What does it mean?  Does it mean honouring the Goddess over God? Or maybe honouring the teachings of the feminine while forgetting the Masculine? Or maybe thinking that the Feminine is stronger or more valuable than the masculine because women can nurture life in their wombs and men can’t do this specific task?

This isn’t so.  We live in a world of duality – light and dark, doing and feeling, outside and inside – that ultimately will lead us to understanding unity and oneness.

The Divine feminine is fundamentally at the start of creation as much as the masculine is. It is bringing into awareness the interconnectedness of life. It is the energy of the circular flow compared to the energy of the hierarchical power of the masculine; it is the web of life compared to the linear way of thinking; it is the multitasking compared to the single end target; it is community and not individual.

The Divine Feminine, although more popular now, was always there and available to connect with for all.  Though the awareness and the honouring of the Divine Feminine is being brought forward.  Once again the Goddess and the feminine energy and way of doing/feeling things is being honoured.

We have experienced a lack of balance between the Masculine and the Feminine for many centuries. The Masculine principle has been imposing itself as the dominating principle. What followed was the Feminine principle struggling to come out and the feminist movement appeared trying to impose the Feminine over the Masculine, effectively doing the same thing the Masculine principle has done for a long time. We started seeing women telling us that we need to be strong and that we can do any man’s job and better and many have fallen in the trap of wanting to prove that.

Again, it’s not about proving which of the principle is stronger or better, it’s all about the balance within us each as individual.   We are all working toward honouring the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within ourselves, and in the world. It’s about the partnership where each respects the different talents and abilities of the other and complements each other in the alchemy of life.   Women are learning to bring in the warrior energy when action is needed and men being in touch with their emotions on a deep level where crying is not a sign of weakness, but of strength.

Ultimately, our ascension path through the sacred marriage of the feminine and the masculine within each one of us, is a path that will never lead to exclusion but to inclusion, and will always lead to freedom and connectedness.

During Transference Healing® sessions, workshops and Goddess Circles, Diana utilises the concepts of these sacred teachings.