Over the years I have been working remotely with many clients. This has given me an amazing opportunity to support so many from different locations. How did I do that you might ask?

Have you heard of distance or remote energy healing?

Many people prefer in person sessions and of course, I understand as there is beauty in being in a space dedicated specifically for that. However, there is the option of distance or remote healing. This means you can be in the comfort of your own space and receive the energy, as everything is divinely orchestrated. I thought I would address some questions I have been asked over the years.

What is energy healing and how does it work?

We are more than our physical bodies. We have an energetic body that is made of many layers. Some of the best known components are chakras, aura and meridians (think acupuncture). Science has come in leaps and bounds and has shown that everything around us is made of energy vibrating at different frequencies. The lower the vibration the more solid something feels, the higher the vibration the more ethereal something feels or is even outside of the reduced band of visibility our physical senses can access.

During energy healing there are specific frequencies being channelled into your body that decode and recode your energetic body, allowing for healing and transformation to take place. All of this is divinely orchestrated and the right frequencies for you will come through. I have done countless healing sessions since 2007 and no two sessions have been the same even when done on the same person. All the healing and alchemy happening in the energetic field will filter into the physical body and support its journey back to wellness. It can be used for specific healing goals like an emotional or physical pain, ascension symptoms or simply for support in stress relief, relaxation, or sleep. It can be used for anything, anywhere and at any time.

What is distance or remote healing and how does it work?

Distance or remote healing is simply the same process of the energy healing without the practitioner and the client being together in the same location. During the distance or remote energy healing sessions I connect with your energetic patterning and channel specific frequencies. As I said before all healing is divinely orchestrated so the right energies will be transmitted and you will receive them as and when you need them. We are all interconnected and time and space are concepts humans use to make sense of the universe. The reality is that the Universe is not defined by time or space.

What does a session feel like?

We are all unique and we experience energy differently depending on how sensitive we are to different energies. Some people experience physical sensations like sudden changes in temperature or tingling through the body. Some are able to sense or “hear” changes in the pressure or frequency around them. Others experience a deeply relaxing time when they can just surrender and rest.

Do you need to do anything special during a distance/remote session?

It would be great if you could enter a quiet and relaxed state at the time of the session. Turn your phone off, let others in the house know you need some quiet time and set the intention to be open to receive the energies. Lighting up a candle and putting on some nice soothing music can help. If you are not able to do that, you can go about your day as you will still receive the healing frequencies. I would recommend avoiding tasks that require clear focus like driving for example as you can get altered.

As the world has been plunged into lockdown and social distancing rules it is good to know there are still beautiful ways we can support our wellbeing.  

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