The Woman, the Moon and the Divine Feminine

Tuning into our natural rhythms

🌙✨ 4 weeks

🌙✨ 4 moon phases

🌙✨ 4 divine feminine archetypes

We are starting at the dark/new moon 10th June. This will be a dive into understanding the connection between the moon phases/energy, the divine feminine archetypes and our own natural rhythms.

We will talk about:

❤️ moon phases

❤️ mentrual cycle (if you are still bleeding or not anymore)

❤️ divine feminine archetypes: Maiden, Mother, Enchantress, Crone

❤️ shadow and light aspects of each archetype & looking at how they play out in our lives

There will be

~ learning

~ awareness

~ healing

Every week you will receive:

❤️ A video about the archetype

❤️ PDF – moon phase and particular archetype

❤️ Audio – guided meditation tuning in and working with the divine feminine energies

❤️ Zoom call – weekly recorded and available on catch up too

What can these 4 weeks gift you?

“This beautifully delivered course allowed me to gain an understanding of the different archetypes, the shadow and light aspects of each and an insight into how they have and are playing out in me (my life) personally. It has allowed me to delve deeper into the journey of knowing thyself ❤️💫”🌙✨

🌙✨ 4 weeks

🌙✨ 4 moon phases

🌙✨ 4 divine feminine archetypes

Course Curriculum

The Maiden Archetype/Preovulation/First Quarter
The Mother Archetype/Ovulation/Full Moon
The Enchantress/Postovulation/Third Quarter
The Crone/Menstruation/New Moon