Hypnobirthing ~ Birth Preparation Programme

Looking for tools for a safe, comfortable birthing for you & your baby? Learn how to BIRTH WITH CONFIDENCE, release fears, understand your choices, and to feel in control no matter what your maternity journey is.

The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme

The Wise Hippo is a new approach to birthing. We believe a ‘positive birth’ experience is a state of mind, it’s not defined by what happens during labour and birth but by how a woman feels about her baby’s birth. Because of this belief we are able to teach skills and knowledge that empower women to trust their instincts and ensure that their baby has the right birth on the day.

Childbirth can be an empowering and positive event in your life – one that you will want to remember. With the help of hypnotherapy for birth, The Wise Hippo Birth Preparation Programme will teach you techniques that will enable you to birth your baby in a more comfortable, calm and relaxing environment, and one where you are in control and you need less intervention from others.

You will learn:

  • Fear release methods to allow you to be relaxed and confident for the birth
  • Self-hypnosis inducing deep relaxation
  • Massage techniques – stimulating endorphins, your body’s natural anaesthetic
  • Visualisation exercises to keep you grounded, serene and positive
  • Different breathing techniques for labour and and birth
  • How your mind and body work together efficiently and comfortably

The Wise Hippo Birth Preparation Programme not only prepares you and your birth partner for childbirth in a comprehensive way but also enables your baby to have a gentle birth which has been proven to result in a calmer baby. The classes will encourage you to develop life skills that can help you prepare for and enjoy both a positive birthing experience and the many rewarding years of parenthood that lie beyond.

I have been working with parents and children for over 20 years and is a mum to a 5 year old. Having learnt hypnobirthing during pregnancy, she has used the techniques and knows how valuable being relaxed and confident during the birth is.

The Wise Hippo Birthing Preparation Programme can be delivered in person or over Zoom. Due to the recent circumstances theses sessions are available online over Zoom only.

What you get:

  • Experienced teacher, passionate about great antenatal education
  • The Wise Hippo Hub where you access your downloadable mp and view a great video library
  • The Wise Hippo Hub Facebook support group – great place to ask questions, gather more information or connect with others
  • Wise Hippo materials: birth videos, the book, mp3s
Currently this is run over Zoom. Secure your space with payment and I will contact you with availability and options.

Relax, Breathe and Birth

Come along to a Relax, Breathe & Birth 1.5hr workshop as the first step towards a comprehensive birth preparation programme. This workshop is great as a stand-alone workshop, as a refresher, or as an introduction to the full 4wk Birth Preparation Programme.

Discover the importance of relaxation during birth no matter what turn the birthing takes. Learn essential tools and techniques to help you build up both your ability to relax during pregnancy, birth and beyond. A great workshop either as a refresher or an introduction to the full hypnobirthing Birth Preparation Programme.

The 1.5hr workshop costs £25 per couple. If you decide to enrol in the full 4wk course, the cost of this workshop will be deducted from the cost of the course.

  • Learn tools to help you feel relaxed and confident for the birth
  • Understand how your emotions affect the physiology of birth
  • Learn how to connect with and trust in your natural birthing instincts

Dates coming soon. Please email me at admin@matrixalchimia.com if you are interested

FREE Taster

Currently I am offering this as a recording of a session I held over Zoom.

Periodically I hold a free 1h taster (there will be a relaxation session during the taster) on selected dates please get in touch if you are interested. Email me at admin@matrixalchimia.com or click on the button to reserve your space.

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