Alchemical Alignment

Be in The Flow to Activate, Awaken and Integrate

Get an influx of magic and higher frequencies to support you as the Lion’s Gate, 8/8/21, brings an intense surge of light which awakens DNA and activates your energy field, transmitting high vibrational frequencies and codes of awakening. Be held in a high vibrational sacred space so you can navigate and integrate these amazing energies coming through at this time.

We are co-creators of our reality.

Understand what it means for you energetically. 8/8 is an auspicious day and great to really turn around things into the manifest your dreams area. Definitely a day you don’t want to sleep through. But it is not just one day. There are many days leading up to that and after that you can still tap into those frequencies.

We also have a new moon on the same day. New moon is new beginnings, intention setting, goals and all of that.

Your session:

💫 Full Advance High Frequency and Alchemical Healing Session

💫 Soul Guidance Reading to get clarity on what you are working on mastering right now

💫 One practice chosen specifically for you that you can implement to help you integrate the higher frequencies

💫 Sacred Circle of Fire Ceremony to support your clearing, purification of old energies and integration of the new energies coming through.

Your investment £88

Limited spaces available this week only leading up to 8/8.

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