What do I mean when I say inner goddess? I mean the word goddess has been overused and misused in so many ways. Images might come to your mind of ancient goddesses and perhaps pagan symbolism. I’m not talking about that.

I’m talking about the inner feminine, the essence of what makes us women. That place full of wisdom, knowledge and love.

Ladies there is a lot of work involved in embracing your inner goddess. It does not happen over night. It takes courage, commitment and dedication.

I’m going to be sharing with you my 5 top tips of how to start embracing your inner goddess. My own journey has brought me back to this over and over again.

Accepting yourself

We leave in a society that conditions us to have certain expectations of how beauty should look like, sound like, feel like and be like. The truth is we come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We experience life differently so we respond to life differently. This shapes our mind and even more our fears. And we all have fears around not fitting in, not being good enough, beautiful enough etc. We need to accept ourselves with both strengths and weaknesses. We live in a world of duality where we have light and darkness. The same way we have our light sides and our dark sides. We need to acknowledge both. Beauty does not mean a size 8 body. Beauty is in a smile, hug, whisper, glance. We need to find love for ourselves and that starts with accepting who we are right now. Stop looking outside for reasuarence.

Nurture yourself

When the plane starts getting ready for take off the flight attendants go through the safety script. One of the things they say is that in case of emergency put your oxygen mask first and then help others. Well it’s the same in everyday life. We all have a to do list or shall I say a list of priorities. Normally we are at the bottom of the list. Often we are lucky if we make it on our priority list at all.

Imagine having a glass full of water and you keep taking sips of water. You keep taking sip after sip. At some point there is no water left in the glass to clench anyone’s thirst.

Same with us. If you keep giving and keep giving and there is nothing or very little being received at some point there will be nothing left to give. Not even to ourselves.

So make yourself a priority and book in “me time”. I know in between work and family there is little time that can be “me time” and even when there is you are too exhausted to do anything. That’s when determination and commitment to yourself comes in. Whatever time you have needs to be used wisely and observing self-care routines. Do a meditation, have a bath, do your nails, massage your feet, read a book you love, dance away to your best loved tune, go for a walk, paint, write, bake…the possibilities are endless. Do at least one thing that makes you feel good. Put the oxygen mask on.

Educate yourself

It is true that we are shaped by our society and environment. It is also true that we have free will. Start reading about subjects that interest you. Expand your knowledge. More importantly start reading and educate yourself when it comes to people you meet or things you hear before you start judging them and their ways.

Strive to know more today than you knew yesterday. Not for the sake of certificates and diplomas to show off how well-educated schools say you are. It does not matter that you’re passionate about rocket science or needle point. Enrich yourself with knowledge as knowledge is power.

Learn how our ancestors lived and what created their beliefs and shaped their world. That way you can start understanding things in your own reality and how the past relates to the present.

Speak Your Truth

It’s a fact that you can’t make everyone happy and you shouldn’t try to do that either. Loosing yourself in trying to please everyone will not serve any purpose. Often pleasing others comes with a hefty price. You will only make yourself unhappy and ill by not tending to your own needs and putting yourself last.

When you are in tune with yourself you know your heart’s language. When situations are presented to you your heart tells you what feels right and what doesn’t. Your mind might tell you something different but balanced decisions are made by mind and heart together.

Speak up for yourself and for others. Most importantly speak your truth. What you feel, what you think, your fears, your joys. Might not sit well with some people but this is about your journey not theirs. Find your voice and use it. Do it gently and from a heart space. Remember sound is vibration. Sound heals.

Hold Your Light

Life is challenging. We all know that. No matter how young you are, how healthy you are, how educated you are or how rich you are life will throw difficult situations at you.

Life is not full of love and light. Life is darkness and sorrow and sadness as well.

The whole point of our existence is to experience everything this human body is so amazingly offering us support to do so.

Without darkness will you recognise the light? Without sadness would you recognise joy?

When something happens don’t just allow yourself to automatically fall into reaction like the fight or flight instinct or allowing yourself to get angry or desperate.

Take a step back, take a deep breath. Ask yourself what is the lesson in this?

Is your boss shouting at you because you need to stand up for yourself?

Is that impatient driver behind you beeping his horn there to push your buttons? Or is it to learn to stay calm and continue to drive safely no matter what not allowing him to bully you into going faster.

Holding your light to me means being centred and balanced and allow everything that comes your way to teach you and enrich you.

Of course, you will feel all the emotions but you will not react. You will consciously chose your next steps. Doing what feels right.

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